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Guide To Thanatos (The 113 Layer Of The Abyss)

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)

I Came Across This Post Whilst Researching Thanatos… The Original Post Can Be Found HERE


Dungeons & Dragons – A Guide to Thanatos, the 113th layer of the Abyss

My Planescape group is going to be exploring this place, so I figured I should read up on it. This is a guide to Thanatos, the 113th layer of the Abyss that is ruled by Orcus, demon prince of undeath.
I’m going to go through each old product and pull out the essential information so that we can use it as a starting point whenever we need to use Thanatos in a campaign.

The Essential Information

  • This place is home to hordes of undead.
  • Mortals find that this place drains their essence and will kill them if they stay too long.
  • If you die here, you rise up as either a zombie or a bodak.
  • There are many cities here…

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Remarkable Shops & Their Wares… In Review


Last year I came across an awesome Book called ‘Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks’ by an Independent RPG Product Company, called ‘Lore Smyth’

You can check out my Review of it HERE

Well this year, they’ve come out with another Awesome Book! ‘Remarkable Shops & Their Wares’

My Review



From the Cover, through everything within, the Art in this book takes you to another place… In fact, the Art on the Cover of ‘Remarkable Inns And Their Drinks’ Is what led me to this company

‘Remarkable Shops & Their Wares’ Art really immerses you


Right away the Writers shift your perspective, illuminating what a Shop is, and what it can be


In Chapter 1, this books gives you 8 Pre-Made Shops, and they are awesome


Starting with ‘Thunderspire Forge’, when I peeked at the goods within it, I was like, wow, good prices for some really powerful items…

…little did I realize the journey a Party would have to undertake to not only get to this Shop, but get within


The Details of each of these 8 shops, is immense


From Wealth & Prices, Currencies, Shopkeeper’s Influence, Disposition, Security, Supply & Demand, this section tells you everything you need to know to bring your shop to life!


For those Players who want to own their own Stores, this is the chapter for them


From the Planning Phase, to the Building Phase…


Operating Your Store, Making A Profit

To Creating Your Shop, Structure and Location, and Decorating, this section has all you need


Create your own Custom Staff…


…your own Custom Items

appen 2

There’s even Shop Floorplans for the 8 Pre-Made Shops!

Partial Plan Showed Here

To be honest, this book is so dense/packed with content, it’s challenging to truly demonstrate how elaborate it is

Just get it

Nuff said,

Thanks for Reading/Listening



Lore Smyth TWITTER @LoreSmyth

Remarkable Shops & Their Wares

Find me on Twitter Here @Dragon_Ryder7

Story/Campaign Concepts

Story/Campaign Concepts

I discuss a few ways to help in conceiving D & D Campaigns

Drawings From My Player’s ‘Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong’ Blog, Telling The Story Of Our Campaign From The Beginning HERE

Art by Living Silver @Living_Silver (Twitter)

‘Frost Rhealm’ D & D 5e PDF on DriveThruRPG HERE


PRINTED VERSION (UK) HERE… World Building Videos:





Inhabiting The Mind Of A Villain (D & D)

I originally conceived the main Villains (So to speak) for my Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module ‘Frost Rhealm’ back in April, 2017.

I stepped away from the project in Oct 2017, then returned to it once more in Jan 2019, completing/publishing it in Nov of 2019.

It was my first Module, but not my first Villain (‘s).

I wrote the beginning of my first Fantasy Novel when I was 10-11ish, and ran my first two D & D campaigns when I was 17-19, 29-30.

As part of my PrePublishing of ‘Frost Rhealm’, I created an ‘Audio’ Trailer.

It was then that it was suggested that I consider doing a Podcast.

Between August 2019 & Feb 2020 I’ve created a total of 7 Episodes of my ‘Frost Rhealm’ inspired story.

Recently I wrote Episode 8 when it hit me, I’d been following the Party heading to the ‘Frost Rhealm’ Fortress, and/or a large cave near it, and now I felt it was time to introduce the ‘True Villains’ of the story…

…which are the Villain’s from the actual Module.

When I started writing Episode 9 (Which I will likely record and publish prior to Episode 8), I felt myself immerse into the Wizard Nor’astat and more so Prince Tarov, the true master of said fortress.

First of all, I had no idea how much I related to the Prince.

Not in his darkness, but rather in his ‘Struggle’.

Side note, my favorite all time Villain is ‘Darth Vader’…

…talk about conflicted, and flat out cool.

This scene I began writing for Episode 9 took me directly into a moment I’d basically conceived but never actually wrote between the Wizard and Prince.

It was extremely fulfilling, and I am really looking forward to more scenes in the future, should the Party actually confront/interact with them.

My theory/general rule about ‘Good vs Evil’ stories is, it can only be as good as the Villain.

I mean, who cares about defeating a ‘Bad Guy’, if they’re lame…

…no matter how cool the Hero is.

Unless the Villain is supposed to be kinda lame/comedic.

Nuff said, I’ll leave you with this…

‘Be the Villain, when you play the Villain.’


Art by Allen Childers @childersartfx (Twitter)

‘Frost Rhealm’ Podcast

‘Frost Rhealm’ Module PDF PRINT also available @ Amazon Print (US) & Print (UK)



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Dungeons & Dragons – Building Inner Worlds, While Our Outer World Shakes About

D & D by Candlelight, January 6th (Power Outage)

As a 30 year Dungeons & Dragons Player (Played in my late teens, late twenties, and now) I’ve been delving into the limitless imaginative world of D & D for quite some time

It’s always been my ‘pure’ place of creative expression

Primarily as a Dungeon Master, lately as both Player & DM

Let’s face it, the last several years on our planet have truly been challenging

From climate change, to rising tensions between countries, to public demonstrators/outcries, literally everywhere

For me D & D has never been an ‘escape’ like for many

For me it has been an unbridled landscape of imaginative exploration…


…and theatrical portrayals

But reality keeps banging on the door, doesn’t it

Now more than ever we need our storytellers, and our stories

To come together in a world, inward, if not yet outward

Fortunately Dungeons & Dragons has truly blown up

Image result for dungeons and dragons recent success
‘Stranger Things’

Between enormous amounts of written content created by ‘Wizards of the Coast’ itself…

…to Independent companies like ‘Kobold Press’

And thousands upon thousands of community members, throwing their creations up on DMsGuild…

…and DriveThruRPG

And thriving live streams like…

…Critical Role’, bringing the friendships, hilarity and immersive qualities of our game into the homes of so many who never really got what the big deal was about Dungeons & Dragons

To Podcasts & more

Our community is thriving

It’s coming together…

Perhaps helping to create a social template, one would hope our world might follow, or learn from someday

All I can say is, keep doing what you’re doing with hopes of a rippling effect that might echo across our real world




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Reign Of The Compassionate Nerds (D & D)

It’s funny, when I was a kid, I was extremely shy…

In fact, when I was at school, I barely spoke, and by the 8th grade, had missed nearly 1/3 of the year

Kids were not nice about this

And so I moved out of state to give living with my dad a go

It was better, but it was lonely

I remember as a kid, I was enthralled by the concept of Dungeons & Dragons

In fact, one of my Mom’s friends played behind closed doors with some of his friends, and I was always so intrigued

I longed to play when I was like 12-16, but I had no friends really, and the ‘nerds’ of the time, to be honest, spent more time arguing about rules, than actually playing

That’s when I came to the realization that if I was ever to actually play Dungeons & Dragons, I’d have to run it myself

Related image

So I picked up the Red Book

I was intrigued by Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, but I wasn’t much of a Reader, so I started with the Basic Rules

Image result for dungeons and dragons blue book

Followed shortly by the Expert Rules (Blue Book)

At some point, a guy my brother and I knew, invited us to play in his Warhammer RPG game, which was awesome

Related image

He had a huge collection of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books, and when he stepped away from the game, he gave them to us

So from that point forward, I started to weave in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Rules Etc. as well

I played in my late Teens & late Twenties, and it was amazing

But I never really fit in with the ‘D & D’ crowd

Not to be mean or anything, but more than just arguing over rules, they seemed to place their egos completely in the game

The guys that ran the games in particular, though they were great in some ways, were kinda out of control in regards to thinking they were flat out smarter/better than anyone else at the table

Those were my experiences though, not necessarily others

Anyway, In my 30’s it was ‘World of Warcraft’ for me, spent 4 1/2 years in there

Image result for dungeons and dragons 5e
Image result for dungeons and dragons 5e

But my 40’s found their way to Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Initially through my Dungeons & Dragons Twitter Account, which lead me to it

Image result for critical role

It also lead me to an extremely ‘inclusive’, and deeply friend based show, called ‘Critical Role’

I started watching on Episode 70ish of Season One, and did my best to catch it when I could

Image result for joe manganiello d & d

But something I noticed about the Dungeons & Dragons Community, is there was less ‘meanness’.

Image result for chris perkins dungeons and dragons

Less, ‘Elitism’, which was my original experience of the D & D community

Image result for chris perkins dungeons and dragons

Sure, it’s still out there

But for the most part, I do believe, it is the ‘Reign Of The Compassionate Nerds’

Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading




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Venger’s (Random Encounter) Decks

The Outlander Deck

A Note From The Creator Of The Venger Decks

Hi there,
Thanks so much for supporting my new venture as I try to get it off the ground. I’m due to launch the pre-order for my random encounter decks in the next week or so.

Here are the links to the pre-order which at the moment are exclusive to my subscribers, and they have all the relevant information.

The ‘Outlander’ Deck (Pre-Order)

The ‘Outlander Quickening’ Deck (Pre-Order)



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