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Dungeons & Dragons – Building Inner Worlds, While Our Outer World Shakes About

D & D by Candlelight, January 6th (Power Outage)

As a 30 year Dungeons & Dragons Player (Played in my late teens, late twenties, and now) I’ve been delving into the limitless imaginative world of D & D for quite some time

It’s always been my ‘pure’ place of creative expression

Primarily as a Dungeon Master, lately as both Player & DM

Let’s face it, the last several years on our planet have truly been challenging

From climate change, to rising tensions between countries, to public demonstrators/outcries, literally everywhere

For me D & D has never been an ‘escape’ like for many

For me it has been an unbridled landscape of imaginative exploration…


…and theatrical portrayals

But reality keeps banging on the door, doesn’t it

Now more than ever we need our storytellers, and our stories

To come together in a world, inward, if not yet outward

Fortunately Dungeons & Dragons has truly blown up

Image result for dungeons and dragons recent success
‘Stranger Things’

Between enormous amounts of written content created by ‘Wizards of the Coast’ itself…

…to Independent companies like ‘Kobold Press’

And thousands upon thousands of community members, throwing their creations up on DMsGuild…

…and DriveThruRPG

And thriving live streams like…

…Critical Role’, bringing the friendships, hilarity and immersive qualities of our game into the homes of so many who never really got what the big deal was about Dungeons & Dragons

To Podcasts & more

Our community is thriving

It’s coming together…

Perhaps helping to create a social template, one would hope our world might follow, or learn from someday

All I can say is, keep doing what you’re doing with hopes of a rippling effect that might echo across our real world




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