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Inhabiting The Mind Of A Villain (D & D)

I originally conceived the main Villains (So to speak) for my Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module ‘Frost Rhealm’ back in April, 2017.

I stepped away from the project in Oct 2017, then returned to it once more in Jan 2019, completing/publishing it in Nov of 2019.

It was my first Module, but not my first Villain (‘s).

I wrote the beginning of my first Fantasy Novel when I was 10-11ish, and ran my first two D & D campaigns when I was 17-19, 29-30.

As part of my PrePublishing of ‘Frost Rhealm’, I created an ‘Audio’ Trailer.

It was then that it was suggested that I consider doing a Podcast.

Between August 2019 & Feb 2020 I’ve created a total of 7 Episodes of my ‘Frost Rhealm’ inspired story.

Recently I wrote Episode 8 when it hit me, I’d been following the Party heading to the ‘Frost Rhealm’ Fortress, and/or a large cave near it, and now I felt it was time to introduce the ‘True Villains’ of the story…

…which are the Villain’s from the actual Module.

When I started writing Episode 9 (Which I will likely record and publish prior to Episode 8), I felt myself immerse into the Wizard Nor’astat and more so Prince Tarov, the true master of said fortress.

First of all, I had no idea how much I related to the Prince.

Not in his darkness, but rather in his ‘Struggle’.

Side note, my favorite all time Villain is ‘Darth Vader’…

…talk about conflicted, and flat out cool.

This scene I began writing for Episode 9 took me directly into a moment I’d basically conceived but never actually wrote between the Wizard and Prince.

It was extremely fulfilling, and I am really looking forward to more scenes in the future, should the Party actually confront/interact with them.

My theory/general rule about ‘Good vs Evil’ stories is, it can only be as good as the Villain.

I mean, who cares about defeating a ‘Bad Guy’, if they’re lame…

…no matter how cool the Hero is.

Unless the Villain is supposed to be kinda lame/comedic.

Nuff said, I’ll leave you with this…

‘Be the Villain, when you play the Villain.’


Art by Allen Childers @childersartfx (Twitter)

‘Frost Rhealm’ Podcast

‘Frost Rhealm’ Module PDF PRINT also available @ Amazon Print (US) & Print (UK)



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