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Reign Of The Compassionate Nerds (D & D)

It’s funny, when I was a kid, I was extremely shy…

In fact, when I was at school, I barely spoke, and by the 8th grade, had missed nearly 1/3 of the year

Kids were not nice about this

And so I moved out of state to give living with my dad a go

It was better, but it was lonely

I remember as a kid, I was enthralled by the concept of Dungeons & Dragons

In fact, one of my Mom’s friends played behind closed doors with some of his friends, and I was always so intrigued

I longed to play when I was like 12-16, but I had no friends really, and the ‘nerds’ of the time, to be honest, spent more time arguing about rules, than actually playing

That’s when I came to the realization that if I was ever to actually play Dungeons & Dragons, I’d have to run it myself

Related image

So I picked up the Red Book

I was intrigued by Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, but I wasn’t much of a Reader, so I started with the Basic Rules

Image result for dungeons and dragons blue book

Followed shortly by the Expert Rules (Blue Book)

At some point, a guy my brother and I knew, invited us to play in his Warhammer RPG game, which was awesome

Related image

He had a huge collection of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books, and when he stepped away from the game, he gave them to us

So from that point forward, I started to weave in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Rules Etc. as well

I played in my late Teens & late Twenties, and it was amazing

But I never really fit in with the ‘D & D’ crowd

Not to be mean or anything, but more than just arguing over rules, they seemed to place their egos completely in the game

The guys that ran the games in particular, though they were great in some ways, were kinda out of control in regards to thinking they were flat out smarter/better than anyone else at the table

Those were my experiences though, not necessarily others

Anyway, In my 30’s it was ‘World of Warcraft’ for me, spent 4 1/2 years in there

Image result for dungeons and dragons 5e
Image result for dungeons and dragons 5e

But my 40’s found their way to Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Initially through my Dungeons & Dragons Twitter Account, which lead me to it

Image result for critical role

It also lead me to an extremely ‘inclusive’, and deeply friend based show, called ‘Critical Role’

I started watching on Episode 70ish of Season One, and did my best to catch it when I could

Image result for joe manganiello d & d

But something I noticed about the Dungeons & Dragons Community, is there was less ‘meanness’.

Image result for chris perkins dungeons and dragons

Less, ‘Elitism’, which was my original experience of the D & D community

Image result for chris perkins dungeons and dragons

Sure, it’s still out there

But for the most part, I do believe, it is the ‘Reign Of The Compassionate Nerds’

Nuff Said

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