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ManaPot Studios Presents

We’re ManaPot Studios, and we run TTRPGs every week on our channel on Twitch, at! 

We have a Pathfinder RPG show called A Cage Sustained that streams Tuesdays, 8:30 PM ET. It’s a dramatic actual play of the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path, wherein 5 strangers have been brought together by the threads of fate to protect their city from traitorous destruction.You can find our previous episodes on Youtube

We also have a homebrewed D&D 5e show that streams every other sunday called The Exiled, run by our friends Roll4Insomnia! They have a website where they post the episodes as a podcast here:   The Exiled follows a group of prisoners who have been cast out from their homeland for being touched by the Arcane. Now they must survive in a cold and strange wilderness!



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To Publish, Or Not To Publish… That Was The Question

In the beginning of 2017, I returned to Dungeons & Dragons after not really playing much since the 90’s…

I was quickly exposed to the 5e Rules, which I thought were aweseome

Shortly after, I started a Dungeon Master Vlog, and with it I began discussing my process when creating a Homebrew Campaign

This led to the creation of an Adventure called ‘Frost Rhealm’, which was based on an ‘Icy’ Fortress which lay between mountains in an extremely cold region

By the middle of the year in 2017 I began considering Self Publishing the Adventure, and even planned doing a Fund Raiser to pay for Art and Editing if needed

But what really stood in my way, was a concern that by Publishing a D & D Adventure, I might turn my favorite hobby into, ‘work’

I battled it for months, and in the end, sat it aside as I took a break from Social Media, which was where I had connected with the Dungeons & Dragons Community

The reason I took a break was personal, nothing to do with Dungeons & Dragons, or the Community, they were great

During that time I continued to play D & D, but did not work on ‘Frost Rhealm’

In January 2019, missing the D & D Community, I returned to Twitter

At that same time, I picked up ‘Frost Rhealm’, and for the next 10 months I worked on it

Including hiring an Artist to do art for me

All the while I was still a bit nervous about crossing that line between selling something, and playing the game

But on November 8th, I published, and have not regretted it

I also realized that, to a degree, Self Publishing Content for Dungeons & Dragons might have become a bit of a saturated market, in regards to we the D & D Community (Not the ‘Wizard’s of the Coast’ Company, who couldn’t generate enough, they do great work)

Why, because Dungeons & Dragons has really taken off

None the less, as much as we’d all like/love to make some money doing something we love, such as Writing/Creating Content for the greatest game on earth, the main reason I created ‘Frost Rhealm’, and will create other content, is because I’m a Storyteller, and want to share the Stories in my head with those that might appreciate it

Nuff Said,




Reach Out To Me @, or my Twitter Account @Dragon_Ryder7 if you’d like to post some content!

Dungeons & Dragons… The Ranger

Art by Allen Childers

Though Paladins are my favorite Class, Rangers have always ran a close second…

My first ever Ranger was an NPC Group Member I used when I ran my first ever Dungeons & Dragons group in my Teens

He had such a large shield, one of my players used to joke that behind the shield he would mix drinks like a bartender… Maybe you had to be there, lol

Image result for animated aragorn

He was largely inspired by Aragorn from ‘Lord of the Rings’, who was my favorite character in the Animated version years ago

Rangers are bad a$$ characters…

In a campaign I’ve been running for the last couple years, I have several NPC Group Members (Mainly because it’s a Single Player Campaign), one of them is a Hunter, one a Beast Master

Both are cool

The Beast Master has a Dire Wolf as his Animal Companion

When my Battle Master (Fighter) Character died in my second Campaign a couple weeks ago (I’m one of two Players in the Campaign), I created a New Character just in case he was unable to be brought back to life…

That Character was a Multi Class Ranger/Rogue…

As it turned out, he was Reincarnated, so my other Character will have to wait



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Critical Role

Though I started playing D & D in the 80’s, and once again in the 90’s, when I reentered the game in 2017, it became very clear that ‘Critical Role’ had come onto the scene, and was making a huge impact

Especially towards New Players, and shattering preconceived notions of what Dungeons & Dragons is…

I started watching their First Season at around Episode 70, and slowly caught up, but never completely…

…and when I attempted to leap forward to the Finale of Season One, it was too emotional, I stopped watching it, lol

But I did jump in to their Second Season from the beginning, and have watched many of that Campaign.

Image result for travis willingham

In the beginning, Travis’s portrayal of Grog in Season One was my favorite, what a great Character… So much heart, and raw silliness… And a bad a$$ in battle

Image result for matthew mercer

Having always been a Dungeon Master, I felt Matt was one hell of a Storyteller, and Content Creator… And no one could be more convicted at being, and doing good

Related image

But it wasn’t until the Second Campaign that Laura Bailey really blew me away with her amazing Character Portrayal as Jester, she really set the bar for the rest of them right from the go

Image result for critical role cast

From the beginning I could see that the ‘Lightning In The Bottle’ for ‘Critical Role’, was their friendships with one another

It’s so easy to get involved on every level with these Thespians of the Voice Over World, and though I don’t, and haven’t watched every one of their multitude of Episodes, it’s always good to know their there, from Sam’s Weekly Ads, Ashley’s soft spoken bad a$$-ness, Marisha’s endless pool of desire to go forward, Liam’s somber characters, or Taliesin’s elaborate Black TShirt collection, they deserve all that they are achieving



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Why Paladins?

As far back as I can remember, I’ve Loved Paladins

When I first heard of Dungeons & Dragons growing up, I wanted to play one forever…

…but I could never find a group to play with, so I finally decided the only way I’d get to play, is if I ran a game myself

So I picked up the Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Red Box), then the Expert Set (Blue Box), then at a later date came into the possession of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Books, and slowly blended some of those rules with the others

I was always curious about Paladins, though they seemed complex

But because I was the Dungeon Master, I didn’t have an opportunity to play one with my First Group

The Second Group I ran was an Evil and/or Chaotic group, which gave me my first chance to create a Paladin as an NPC who was hunting the group down

I loved him

At a later date I played some characters in some online groups that didn’t work out, I may have played a Paladin then, but wasn’t with a group long enough to remember

In 2017, when I started using a Dungeons & Dragons Twitter Account I had created in 2016, I became aware of Dungeons & Dragons 5e, and was excited to try those rules out

I hadn’t played D & D in some time, so I started as a Player in a Group I formed, which I at last got a chance to play a Paladin

Sadly, that group didn’t last all that long, so I only reached Level 5

I’d say one of the main reasons I liked Paladins was the fact that I’ve always loved Knights

King Arthur etc.

But a Holy Knight seemed to draw me in more than playing a Fighter

Although I will admit, I was also very interested in Rangers in the beginning, largely because of Aragorn from ‘Lord of the Rings’

In fact in my First Group I ran, I ran several NPC Group Members, and my main one was a Ranger

In fact, in 2006 I started playing ‘World of Warcraft’, I wanted to create an Elven Paladin, but at that time they did not exist

So I chose an Elven Hunter instead, mainly because I wanted to be an Elf

Got that character to Level 20, then created a Human Paladin who became my main

At a later date ‘World of Warcraft’ created Horde ‘Blood Elves’, who could be Paladins, so I also created a Horde Blood Elf Paladin as well

In the end, my main Character was a Death Knight, which is basically a Magical Knight…

…not a Paladin, but Magical Knights are my thing

In my Main D & D Campaign I currently run, I run a Paladin as a NPC Ally, but still yearn to play a Paladin

In my Second Campaign, where I’m a Player, I wanted to do something different, so I created an Eladrin Battle Master Fighter, named ‘Rakin’

He died in my last session, but may be resurrected, we shall see

My hope in 2020 is to be in a 3rd Campaign, and finally play a Paladin…

…we shall see



Reach Out To Me @, or my Twitter Account @Dragon_Ryder7 if you’d like to post some content!