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Guide To Thanatos (The 113 Layer Of The Abyss)

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)

I Came Across This Post Whilst Researching Thanatos… The Original Post Can Be Found HERE


Dungeons & Dragons – A Guide to Thanatos, the 113th layer of the Abyss

My Planescape group is going to be exploring this place, so I figured I should read up on it. This is a guide to Thanatos, the 113th layer of the Abyss that is ruled by Orcus, demon prince of undeath.
I’m going to go through each old product and pull out the essential information so that we can use it as a starting point whenever we need to use Thanatos in a campaign.

The Essential Information

  • This place is home to hordes of undead.
  • Mortals find that this place drains their essence and will kill them if they stay too long.
  • If you die here, you rise up as either a zombie or a bodak.
  • There are many cities here…

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